Can You Use Aloe Vera Juice to Moisturize Your Hair?

Can You Use Aloe Vera Juice to Moisturize Your Hair

Aloe vera juice is an increasingly popular home therapy product for ailments ranging from constipation to dehydration. Humans have used the aloe vera cactus and the gelatin within medicinally for thousands of years.Can You Use Aloe Vera Juice to Moisturize Your Hair

As far as cosmetics go, the aloe vera plant is hard to beat. It’s easy to access, inexpensive and has a pleasant smell. The cooling sensation of the aloe vera gel is worth trying out even if you don’t need to be moisturized or have your stomach calmed.

But can you use aloe vera juice to moisturize your hair?

The answer is that it depends on what kind of aloe vera juice you have. The aloe vera juice which is made for drinking is probably not the most effective kind of aloe vera juice for moisturizing your hair.

Once you moisturize your hair with aloe vera juice, you will notice that it is a lot shinier. The luster provided by the aloe vera juice will stay with your hair for as long as the moisturizing effect of the juice. You can put some juice in a spray bottle to freshen up your shine if you want.

Likewise, the aloe vera juice made for skin moisturization might not be the best kind for your hair. But it will be closer to the right thing than the aloe vera juice intended for drinking. So you will need to find the right kind of aloe vera juice before you can use it to moisturize your hair.

It also depends on what kind of hair you have. The denser your hair is, the more likely it is that you’ll need to use something more intense than aloe vera juice — or, you’ll need to use a lot more aloe vera juice.

Depending on how concentrated the aloe vera juice is, you may need to dilute it. Heavily concentrated aloe vera juice is very thick and gelatinous. It will be hard to apply to your hair.

Diluting the aloe vera juice for use on your hair is easy. You will need to add portions of water to the aloe vera juice, then mix it vigorously. You will know when the aloe vera juice is the right thickness when it has the consistency of maple syrup. If you hit the consistency of honey, you should dilute it more.

How Does Aloe Vera Juice Moisturize Your Hair?

The answer lies in the nutrients which are naturally present in the aloe vera juice. The nutrients are resuspended proteins which are responsible for the gelatinous texture that the aloe vera juice has. The idea is that you will be transporting these gelatin-forming molecules to your hair.

The end result is that your hair will be coated with the gelatins, which also enter your hair to make it more resilient to external stressors.

Because of all the nutrients that are in the aloe vera juice, your hair will immediately get much thicker and heavier.

The added weight is partially the water which your hair can take on once it has been restored via proteins. If your hair is especially dehydrated, it will be dry and fall out far more easily. Once you add aloe vera juice, your hair will be strengthened at the root.

Aloe vera juice permeates the outer part of your hair and works its way inward toward the core. While the external dead surfaces of your hair won’t be invigorated, you won’t notice the difference because they will soon be sloughed off.

Once the tips are sloughed off, you will see the full impact of the aloe vera juice on your hair. You won’t have as many split ends or split middles. Your hair will naturally become less frizzy. If your hair is prone to curling, it may curl more or less depending on the viscosity of the aloe vera juice you applied.

The more viscous your aloe vera juice was, the less likely your hair is to curl. So, if you want to preserve your curls, try diluting your aloe vera juice mixture a little bit more than you would otherwise.

To bring your aloe vera juice hair moisturization home, you’ll need to do it once every week or so. You can apply aloe vera juice to your hair more often, but you will get rapidly diminishing returns.

Once your hair is fully saturated by the aloe vera juice, you can’t necessarily moisturize it a lot more. So, apply it once per week and apply it again when you notice your hair start to lose its super moisturized luster.

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