ArtNaturals Organic Aloe Vera Gel Review

ArtNaturals Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Manufactured by ArtNaturals, this fantastic Aloe Vera gel is 100% pure and natural, making it great for bug bites, insect bites, aging skin that's damaged, acne, sunburns that need soothing, razor burns, and much more. There are quite a few other properties of this gel, and benefits boasted, including the fact that it's of artisanal quality, 100% pure, organic, and cold-pressed. This is a great product for soothing fresh sunburns or those that need a bit of hydration after a few days.

There are quite a few therapeutic benefits to using this product, including healing properties for your skin when you've scraped or cut the area. Let's not forget the healing properties of scalp issues, too, including dandruff, healing acne, as well as providing healing to sunburns and bug bites. Those that suffer from skin issues like eczema and psoriasis can also benefit from using this product, as this 100% natural product not only soothes but heals and provides hydration to dry scalps and dry areas of skin.

ArtNaturals Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Furthermore, this product's features boast that it can reduce the typical signs of aging, by making the skin appear a bit healthier and glowy because of hydration. It’s been said that this product can heal up scars quite a bit, as well as acne, making the skin look even more clear and youthful. Did I mention that you don’t only have to use this on your scalp, but you can also use this on your hair, as well? Comb it through your hair to provide hydration and rejuvenation back into your hair, providing a less-dull appearance overall.

This product is not only cruelty-free, but paraben free, and it’s composed of 100% natural ingredients. Furthermore, this product is filled with sorbitol, sodium palm kemelate, sodium carbonate, and even glycerin – all natural products that ensure hydration and absorption of vitamins. These ingredients can penetrate the three layers of your skin for deep healing, too. So, if you're someone that suffers from deep cracks and cuts on your hands from dryness, you'll want to look towards a soothing Aloe Vera gel.

The description of this product even goes as far as stating that it can help reduce redness and the redness around stretch marks, helping them fade. There are thousands (if not millions) of women searching for a natural product that will help them reduce these – myself included.

First Impressions of the Product

At first, I was surprised at how many benefits I got from this product. I am someone who suffers from virtually everything (besides aging skin – so far!), and needed something that was going to be able to restore life into my skin and reduce itching, dryness, etc. After using this for a couple of days, I definitely noticed some psoriasis and eczema relief. My next goal is to use it with my hair and scalp, to reduce my itchiness and dryness – in return, reducing the amount of dandruff that my currently non-hydrated scalp is suffering from.

I’ll be the first to mention (to anyone) that I have skin issues and allergies very easily. I always test products out on my hand or elbow before trying to see what kind of reaction it would have on my face. Thankfully, I didn’t have any sort of reaction from this, and it actually hydrated my skin in the patches that I put it on, rather quickly.

After confirming with myself that this product was ok to use in other places, I began using it on my dry and itchy scale-like patches that are from some of the skin issues I suffer from. (It’s a long list of skin issues). Let’s just say, at the end of the day, I was surprised at the healing that was already done.

When I was younger, I had a friend who got a cut. Her aunt immediately went over to their Aloe Vera plant, popped open a leaf, and put it on her cut. Since we went to school together, I was able to see that less than two days later, her finger was fine. Since then, I've always thought of Aloe Vera for sunburns, but haven't found a store-brought product that works as efficiently as it say it will. Thankfully, I get to use this blog to share my wealth of aloe knowledge with you.

I also love that this product is dye-free and scent-free. I do get allergies and strange reactions quite a bit from products like that.

Pros and Cons

  • Can help reduce redness and stretch marks
  • Encourages absorption of vitamins through the skin
  • All-natural product that can help dry skin, dandruff
  • Can return life back to dull hair when combed through
  • Organic, and of artisanal quality
  • Can also work on windburn, as well as sunburn
  • Not a scented product – which is great for most, but not ideal for some who want to smell great

Are There Any Side Effects?

Since it's a 100% organic product, reactions are slim, but not impossible. With no artificial chemicals, there's less of a chance of a reaction happening, but still – not impossible.

I highly encourage you to take the allergic-route and test on the inner elbows of your arm to ensure that the skin on your face doesn't have adverse reactions. There's nothing worse than going into anaphylaxis when it could be prevented. Don't risk your life for a little bit of Aloe Vera gel! Sure, it works for some, by giving you an allergic reaction will take you 10 steps backwards.

The Final Verdict

Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants something to soothe their skin without compromising and alerting their allergies. Dye-free, scent-free, and harsh chemical-free, you’ll be able to reap the many benefits by use for skin, hair, conditions, and more. Inexpensive in price and also able to supposedly reduce stretch marks and redness, those with rosacea and acne can now clear up their insecurities with a little patience and some aloe vera gel from ArtNaturals.

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