Aloe Vera Juice Comparison: Miracle of Aloe vs. George’s – Which Is Better?

Aloe Vera juice helps improve digestive system function, boosts the immune system, strengthens hair, tones skin and much more.

However, not all Aloe Vera juice is the same. How the plant is grown, and how the harvested plant is turned into juice, will have a big impact on the juice’s potency and effectiveness.

Finding information about how and where a specific brand of Aloe Vera juice is created can be difficult. After all, you can’t exactly tour the fields and watch the juice-making process. Instead, you have to rely on often confusing descriptions of development processes.

Miracle of Aloe and George’s are two popular and well-established makers of Aloe Vera juice. While they’re both effective juices, they also have a lot of differences. Here’s a complete comparison guide to help you decide whether the Aloe Vera juice from Miracle of Aloe or George’s is the best choice for you.

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Direct Comparison - The Products

George’s Aloe Vera juice is a 128ml bottle with 16 servings. They’re a health and lifestyle company with a primary focus on Aloe Vera products. Their unique harvesting process is what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Miracle of Aloe’s juice is in a 118ml bottle with eight servings. This company has been manufacturing a variety of Aloe Vera products for over 35 years. They’re known for creating a potent, fresh Aloe Vera juice using traditional organic growing techniques.

The Comparison Process

Comparing two brands involves more than a simple taste-test. You want to take a look at every step of the development process. For our comparison between Miracle of Aloe and George’s, we’ll take a look at the following four key factors:

1. Growing Process

When comparing two different types of Aloe Vera juice, you first want to go all the way back to the beginning. Where were the Aloe Vera plants grown? What growing conditions were used? Does the manufacturer provide direct quality oversight, or is a third-party responsible for the caretaking of the crop?

Miracle of Aloe

Miracle of Aloe is grown in the fields of South Texas, where the sun’s rays help increase the plant’s development. The entire growing process is overseen by Aloe Vera farming experts from Miracle of Aloe. They have over 35 years growing Aloe Vera in the same location, so they understand how the weather and geography affect the potency of the plant.


George’s doesn’t list a lot of information about specifically where their Aloe Vera plants are grown. Typically, this means the growing location will vary from season to season. However, George’s headquarters are located in Abbott, Texas, so it’s safe to assume their plants are grown somewhere nearby.

Miracle of Aloe is the clear winner here. They have over three decades of experience growing in the same location. While George’s does oversee their own crop, there’s not a lot of specifics about where their Aloe Vera plant fields are located. More information on the plants is always better.

Winner: Miracle of Aloe 

2. Harvesting Process

Once matured, the Aloe Vera plant is ready for harvest. Immediately after harvest, actions must be taken. The Aloe Vera gel extracted from the harvest, which is eventually turned into juice, starts to lose valuable nutrients quickly. The harvested Aloe Vera needs to be preserved to ensure maximum freshness.

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Miracle of Aloe

Miracle of Aloe is a whole-leaf juice. After harvesting, the entire plant is ground down into a fine slurry. Then this blend of nutrients is enhanced with Miracle of Aloe’s patented UltraAloe process. While the specifics are kept secret, the special filtration method removes a variety of components to keep the juice fresh.

Another benefit of the UltraAloe process is it makes the juice gentler on the stomach and bowels. Drinking just two ounces can help deliver fast-acting relief for acid reflux and other pains which can flare up unexpectedly.


George’s uses a proprietary process developed by the company founder George Warren. This “Always Active” process removes the aloins from the plant. Aloins are a compound which gives the juice a bitter taste and green color. Plus, excessive aloin consumption could be a potential cause of colorectal cancer, so many people prefer its removed from the juice entirely.

George’s only uses the Barbadensis Miller strain of Aloe Vera plant. This is considered the most effective strain for healing purposes. As part of the harvesting process, the molecular chain of the plant strain is altered to extract key sugars. This is an all-natural method of maintaining freshness which doesn’t require the use of any artificial preservatives.

Both Miracle of Aloe and George’s use high-quality, if somewhat secretive, methods for creating the juice. No matter which you choose, you’ll be getting fresh, pure juice which contains no artificial preservatives. While both are great, we’ll give a slight edge to George’s because they remove 100% of the aloin.

Winner: George's 

3. Taste, Look and Smell

Topical Aloe Vera is often hidden within pleasant smelling lotions and balms. But Aloe Vera juice doesn’t typically have any masking. Many people are surprised to learn that pure Aloe Vera juice can have an intense smell and a bitter taste.

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Miracle of Aloe

Miracle of Aloe has plenty of that strong, bitter taste mentioned above. Their processing methods keep the juice very fresh, and that freshness means the juice is as close as you can get to drinking the juice made fresh in the field. Many Aloe Vera purists prefer this natural taste. But those new to Aloe Vera juice might find the taste unpleasant at first.

However, the juice can be easily mixed into different beverages. Many people add two ounces of Aloe Vera juice to four ounces of Pomegranate juice. The two tastes blend together well to mask the natural bitterness of the Aloe Vera juice.


George’s Aloe Vera is quite a bit different than most Aloe Vera juices. Their unique alion-removal process leaves the juice without any colors or textures. It actually resembles filtered water. George’s Aloe Vera juice is often preferred by people who dislike the natural Aloe Vera taste.

Picking a winner here is difficult because they’re practically complete opposites. If you like or don’t mind the taste of Aloe Vera juice, you might prefer the Miracle of Aloe’s fresh taste. However, if you can’t stand the bitter taste, George’s is clear and flavorless. Both are equally easy to mix into fruit and vegetable juices.

Winner: Tie

4. Health Benefits

At the end of the day, the most important aspect of an Aloe Vera juice is arguably how well it can help treat and prevent health problems. Both of these juices help boost the immune system, improve digestive system functions, increase sleep quality and much more. But the different manufacturing processes used do affect the benefits each juice provides.

Real Aloe Whole-Leaf Pure Aloe Vera Juice other ingredients

Miracle of Aloe

This is a very pure juice which is a great choice if you’re detoxifying. Helps relieve constipation and promote regularity. Plus, the UltraAloe filtration process removes a variety of compounds from the plant which can irritate the bowels. This juice is often a good choice for anyone with a sensitive stomach or bowels. Effective at treating IBS, Crohn’s, ulcers and similar issues.


George’s has the same benefits you’ll find in any high-quality Aloe Vera juice. However, because the juice is light and flavor-free, you might be more inclined to drink it. Drinking two to four ounces of Aloe Vera juice a day will typically produce noticeable benefits within about two weeks to a month. So a juice you’re comfortable drinking daily will help you get the most benefits.

Both Miracle of Aloe and George’s are pure and potent. The biggest difference is that Miracle of Aloe is more comfortable for people with chronic stomach pains. However, George’s might provide more benefits over a long period of time.

Winner: Tie

Final Results:

As you can see, Aloe Vera juice can vary wildly by brand. While both Miracle of Aloe and George’s make pure, potent juices, they’re quite different from one another. Determining the winner is mainly a matter of personal preference.

If you’re interested in the freshest juice available, choose the Miracle of Aloe. The UltraAloe process keeps the juice potent and flavorful without requiring any harsh preservatives. This juice is the closest you’ll get to freshly-made Aloe Vera juice.

If the taste of Aloe Vera juice isn’t for you, choose George’s. Their unique process removes all the bitter taste and color from the juice without sacrificing any of the benefits. You can drink the juice straight or mix it into a different beverage.

Beyond taste, both juices use the whole leaf to deliver the maximum amount of nutrients. Regardless of which you pick, both Miracle of Aloe and George’s Aloe Vera juices are an easy and effective way to boost your health.

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