5 Ways To Use Aloe Vera (Other Than For A Sunburn)

5 ways to use aloe vera - guide
5 ways to use aloe vera - guide

You probably already know that aloe vera is number one for sunburns, but did you know there are so many other ways to use the gel of this magical plant? From head to toe, this gooey green stuff can be as powerful as anything you would find in pharmacy. Best of all, this multi-tasking, do-it-all, Swiss army knife of the medicine cabinet is all natural and affordable.

Ready to fall in love with aloe vera all over again? Check out our favorite five ways to use aloe vera other than for sunburn.

1. Use Aloe Vera As a Shaving Cream

Got sensitive skin? Ditch the shaving cream and get on the aloe vera train! Pure aloe vera gel works as a natural lubricant so that your razor will glide right over your face, legs, and anywhere else you want to have smooth, flawless skin.

Aloe vera is also an anti-inflammatory, which means that it will protect again redness and irritation while calming any areas of inflamed skin. Best of all, it will leave your skin incredibly hydrated and soft. Use pure 100% aloe vera or, if you can’t live without that foamy shaving cream feel, check out some of the great aloe vera based shaving creams out there.

2. Use Aloe Vera As a Facial Cleanser

Aloe vera is perfect for facial cleansing. For the ultimate powerhouse, check out the cult favorite DIY aloe vera with honey facial cleanser. Beauty bloggers around the globe are obsessed with this blend because it offers the best of the best from mother nature. Aloe vera gel reduces inflammation and redness to calm and soothe your skin while antioxidant rich honey is effective in banishing the bacteria that cause acne as well as treating skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.

Unlike many crazy DIY skincare recipes online, aloe vera and honey facial cleanser is incredibly easy to make and has a long shelf life. Just blend two parts raw honey with one part aloe vera gel (i.e. 2 tbsp. of honey with 1 tbsp. of aloe vera gel, or whatever quality you’d like to make using that 2:1 ratio).

3. Use Aloe Vera As an Eye Makeup Remover

Rich in antioxidants like beta carotene, vitamins C and E, aloe vera gel is perfect for use around the eyes. It works to add hydration, increase elasticity, and enhance your skin’s firmness.

Woman with and without eye makeup

For an eco-friendly and affordable eye makeup remover, hold on to that raw honey and aloe so that you can use it to create your own powerful DIY eye makeup remover. Blend together equal parts honey and aloe vera gel, then add in just a bit of extra virgin olive oil (experiment with portions here- how much olive oil you use depends on your preference and the amount of eye makeup you are removing).

Using extra virgin olive oil gives your skin a hearty dose of antioxidants like vitamins A and E that can reverse skin damage and leave you glowing. Best of all, extra virgin olive oil is extremely effective in removing stubborn and even waterproof makeup. Just glide it over your closed eye with a cotton pad and your makeup will slide right off with no need to rub and damage delicate eye tissue and lashes.

4. Use Aloe Vera As a First Aid Gel

Aloe vera plants have a lot going for them. The gel inside of their leaves has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antioxidant properties. That is why it has been in every doctor’s office for centuries. You can apply it to basically any kind of skin irritation imaginable. Whether you are dealing with eczema, psoriasis, bug bites, poison ivy, or, of course, a painful sunburn, reach for aloe vera gel!

Before you buy aloe vera for your medicine cabinet, there are a few things that you should know. First and foremost, it is essential to realize that 100 percent pure aloe vera is a must- have. There are too many brands out there making false claims! Just because the bottle says "100% Pure Aloe Vera" does not mean that you are getting the best product. In theory your bottle of aloe vera gel could have been made with 99 percent water and only one percent of that real "100% Pure Aloe Vera". That is why it is critical to be label-aware and always read all of the ingredients.

Keep in mind that the ingredients are listed in the order of the percentage at which they exist in the product. In other words, if water is the first ingredient listed on the label, that means that the bulk of the product is water. For high quality aloe vera gel, make sure that aloe vera gel is the first ingredient listed on the label. It is okay if citric acid or some other kind of preservative is added to keep the gel fresh, but you should aim to buy products that are 99+ percent aloe vera gel.

Use Aloe Vera as Hand Sanitizer

How often do you use hand sanitizer every day? For many of us, it may be an uncountable number of times. From cleaning hands before eating out to decontaminating ourselves after using public bathrooms and shopping carts, sometimes it is nice to just get freshened up on the go. Unfortunately, it is not always so safe.

gel on hands

According the World Health Organization, our society’s obsession with being germ-free is actually doing a lot of harm. There are serious concerns over antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which are coming from our widespread use of antibiotics and, sadly, hand sanitizer. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has said that triclosan, a common ingredient in many anti-bacterial products is seriously risk. Some states, in fact, states like Minnesota have even banned it while the European Union has heavily restricted it. And, let’s not even get into the issues with the synthetic fragrances and parabens that are added to hand sanitizers.

Long story short, your best option is to just make your own aloe vera hand sanitizers. It’s a win-win situation! You won’t be throwing away all of those little plastic bottles when you’re done with them and you know that your hand sanitizer only has all natural and safe ingredients.

Ready to make your own? Grab one of those little airline approved travel size bottles and fill it almost to the top with pure aloe vera gel, then add in four drops of pure tea tree oil and you’re set! If you prefer something scented, just add in another four drop of your favorite essential oil.

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