In-Depth Review: George’s Aloe Vera Juice

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Have you had a glass of Aloe Vera juice today? This versatile juice is growing in popularity as people continue to learn more about its many different health benefits.

Aloe Vera juice helps detoxify the body, increase metabolism, promote healthy sleep and much more. But not all juices are the same. You want to select a juice which uses fresh, all-natural ingredients made in a carefully controlled environment.

George’s is a popular brand known for high-quality health and beauty products. But does that reputation extend to their Aloe Vera juice? After thorough testing and tasting, our complete review of George’s Aloe Vera Supplement starts right now:

About George’s Aloe Vera Supplement

Georges Aloe Vera Supplement

Product Summary

  • All-natural formula free from additives and preservatives
  • check
    Fractionally distilled from pure Aloe Vera leaves
  • check
    Unique processing method helps improve taste
  • check
    Can provide instant relief to stomach distress
  • check
    Effective treatment for certain acid reflux and GERD conditions
  • check
    Easily mixable, water-like formula
  • check
    Made from inner filler of Aloe Vera plant
  • check
    With 64 servings, contains about a month’s worth of juice
  • check
    Helpful, phone-based customer support

What are the Main Benefits of George’s Aloe Supplement?

George’s is a lifestyle, health and fashion brand. They make everything from designer men’s shirts to Bloody Mary mix and more. At first glance, they might not seem like the best choice for an Aloe Vera juice.

But the George’s brand actually specializes in Aloe Vera. They offer juices, essences and other Aloe Vera products. What makes this juice stand out from the crowd is the unique creation method.

George Warren – the man behind the George’s brand – was a chemist in Houston when he developed a special processing method for Aloe Vera. He was able to take the whole plant and remove the aloins entirely without lowering the essential properties of the plants.

If you’ve ever had Aloe Vera juice before, you know how bitter the taste can be. Plus, you’ve probably also noticed that Aloe Vera juice is always green. Both the bitterness and green color are caused by the aloins.

Removing the aloins means George’s Aloe Vera juice looks and tastes a lot like spring water. Unlike most Aloe Vera juices, George’s needs no refrigeration. This is why they call their juice “Always Active.”

Georges Aloe Vera Supplement facts

The juice is made from the Barbadensis Miller strain of the plant. This strain is known for its medicinal properties and has a mucopolysaccharides molecular chain. This type of molecular chain can cause a rapid breakdown of the plant after harvest. By altering the chain on a molecular level, George’s is able to extract vital sugars. This is a natural, preservative-free way to increase the shelf life of the juice.

The unique processing of George’s Aloe Vera makes this juice a good choice for anyone who wants a tasteless, odorless Aloe Vera drink. Easy to drink straight or can quickly be mixed into other fruit and vegetable drinks.

The juice is 100% organic, although the brand doesn’t have an official organic certification. However, they do test every batch for over 50 different contaminants. So far not a single batch in the company’s history has tested positive for any contamination.

What Others are Saying

There are two main groups of people who really seem to enjoy this product. First, it’s very popular among people who don’t like the taste of Aloe Vera. George’s special distillation process removes all flavor, color and odor.

One buyer said she loves the taste when she refrigerates the juice. When it’s ice cold, it tastes like distilled water. There’s really no taste at all. For many people, “no taste” is definitely better than Aloe Vera’s natural flavor.

Plus, the unique manufacturing process removes many side effects. Some users said other brands of Aloe Vera juice had caused diarrhea or upset stomach, but that George’s was much milder and easier on their body.

The other main group of buyers are people recovering from gastrointestinal issues. A buyer described how daily use of the drink helps calm her husband’s stomach while he recovered from stomach cancer. The juice helped treat his GERD and throat irritation. Even better, drinking the juice meant there was one less pill he had to take each day.

Additionally, buyers raved about George’s customer service. You can actually call the company on the phone and talk to a real person. This is a great way to receive personalized advice for the specific health conditions you want to treat.

While the idea of buying Aloe Vera juice and dress shirts from the same company might seem odd, the large size of George’s means they’re able to offer a wide range of customer support options. Their customer support phone number is (254) 580-9990.

Some buyers did complain that results didn’t seem to occur very quickly. Typically, Aloe Vera juice takes about two weeks to a month to produce results you can see and feel. You’ll want to drink two ounces of juice in the morning and two in the evening.

Note that the instructions on the bottle suggest an eight-ounce serving size. That is a bit high compared to most other juices. You might want to start with the more common four ounces a day. Starting with eight ounces a day could flush your system out.

Georges Aloe Vera Supplement size

Pros and Cons


  • Colorless and odorless with no bitter taste
  • plus
    Needs no refrigeration
  • plus
    Easily mixes into other types of beverages
  • plus
    Fractional distillation for maximum purity


  • Plastic Container can leak (best to transfer to your own glass jar)
  • minus
    Serving size is a large eight ounces

Final Thoughts

George’s Aloe Vera Juice is a bit different than most other brands on the market. With George’s, you’re getting a clear juice with no bitter taste or green color. Instead, George’s Aloe Vera juice looks and tastes a lot like sparkling water.

But thanks to the unique processing methods, including fractional distillation, none of the Aloe Vera benefits are lost. Drinking the recommended amount helps decrease digestive pains and problems while also improving overall health.

Overall, this is a great juice for anyone wants the benefits of Aloe Vera juice but can’t stand the taste. It’s a clear winner! 

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