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Aloe Vera is a well-known treatment for many skin issues, but the benefits of the plant are actually far more than skin-deep. Instead of using a balm or lotion containing Aloe Vera, this powerful plant can also be used to create a tasty, healthy juice.

Drinking just a few ounces of Aloe Vera juice each day can have health benefits which last a lifetime. Research has shown Aloe Vera juice can help boost the immune system, calm the digestive system, improve the skin and much more.

The quality and manufacturing process of the juice will have a big impact on its effectiveness and quality. Before buying any Aloe Vera juice, you want a thorough understanding of how it’s made. Our complete review of Miracle of Aloe’s Whole-Leaf Aloe Vera Juice has everything you need to know:

About Miracle of Aloe Whole-Leaf Pure Aloe Vera Juice

Product Summary

  • All juice made from 100% organic Aloe Vera plants harvested at peak potency
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    Exclusive “UltraAloe” process increases potency and effectiveness
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    Aloe plants grown in south Texas by Miracle of Aloe growers
  • check
    Juice uses Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller strain (known for healing benefits)
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    Over 35 Years of Experience Creating Aloe Vera Juice
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    99.7% Pure Whole Leaf Aloe Juice with All-Natural Preservatives
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    All Juice Certified for Purity by the International Aloe Science Council

What are the Benefits of the Miracle of Aloe Whole-Leaf Pure Aloe Vera Juice?

Although Aloe Vera juice has been experiencing a surge of popularity lately, it’s been a well-established treatment among holistic health enthusiasts for decades. Interestingly, aloe juice has been creating aloe juice for over 35 years.

Even though their product has more of a demand today than ever before, they still make their juice the same way as always. The process starts in South Texas, where the Aloe Vera is grown outdoors in sunny fields. From seed to harvest, the entire growing process is overseen by Miracle of Aloe.

Real Aloe Whole-Leaf Pure Aloe Vera Juice other ingredients

Only the Barbadensis Miller strain is grown and used for juice. Of the 240 species of Aloe plant, only four are recognized as having healing properties, with Barbadensis Miller considered to be the most effective. The dry, sunny climate provides great conditions for growing this specific strain of plant.

The Aloe Vera gel extracted from the plant is the key ingredient in the juice. The fresher the gel, the more potent the juice. Unfortunately, the gel quickly begins to lose potency once it’s removed from the plant.

In order to retain maximum freshness, Miracle of Aloe uses a unique processing method called UltraAloe. This proprietary process keeps the gel fresh for a long time after harvesting.

Although other brands have different ways to maintain freshness, only Miracle of Aloe has the proprietary UltraAloe system. Here’s how it works:

First, the Aloe leaves are harvested. Only healthy, mature leaves are used. This is a “whole leaf” juice, which is a bit more complicated to create but which contains many more nutrients than juices created with just a portion of the leaf.

After harvesting, these whole leaves are subjected to various grinding and filtering process. This turns the leaves into a slurry of vitamins, minerals and other healthy goodness.

Real Aloe Whole-Leaf Pure Aloe Vera Juice facts

The slurry is then enhanced using the UltraAloe process. This process enhances the purity and quality of the juice, while also retaining freshness. While more information about the process would be ideal, the specifics are closely guarded by Miracle of Aloe.

This potent Aloe Vera juice is ideal for detoxifying. Also formulated to treat multiple digestive problems including IBS, Crohn’s, ulcers and more. A special filtration process removes components which can irritate the bowels, making this juice comfortable to drink even with an upset stomach.

What Others Are Saying

This juice is very popular among long-time fans of Aloe Vera juice. The unique UltraAloe refinement process is highly praised by those looking for the potency available from freshly harvested leaves.

However, that process does result in a very natural taste – and that taste is quite bitter. If you’re used to drinking Aloe Vera juice from a grocery or retail store, the juice from Miracle of Aloe might taste far more bitter than you’re expecting.

But that’s actually a good sign. It means the Aloe Vera juice you’ve been drinking was packed with additives and artificial flavors. Many buyers of Miracle of Aloe’s Pure Aloe Vera Juice are experiencing the taste of pure, unflavored Aloe Vera juice for the very first time. The bitter taste is actually a clear sign of freshness and purity.

With regular use, most people simply adapt to the taste of the juice and are able to drink it straight. But if the taste is too bitter, add the juice to either a sweet drink or iced tea.

Additionally, the purity of the juice leads to effects many people aren’t expecting. Several people remarked that the juice had a powerful detoxifying effect, which can lead to lots of unwanted time in the bathroom.

Don’t drink too much juice at once. The recommended daily dose is just four fluid ounces. Most people drink two ounces in the morning and another two before bed.

Pros and Cons


  • UltraAloe refinement process for maximum freshness and purity
  • plus
    Exclusive use of Barbadensis Miller plant strain
  • plus
    Trusted brand with 35 years of experience in Aloe Vera products
  • plus
    Easily mixable with tea, iced tea, juices and other beverages


  • Taste can be very bitter
  • minus
    Only eight ounces per container
  • minus
    Using too much at once can cause discomfort

Final Thoughts

Miracle of Aloe is a company who knows what they’re doing. They’ve been making Aloe Vera products for over three decades, and their Aloe Vera juice is one of their premier products.

Thanks to their unique UltraAloe refinement process, this is one of the freshest, most potent Aloe Vera juice formulas available. Perfect for anyone who wants the maximum healing benefits from Aloe Vera juice. A high-quality product from a trusted manufacturer. 

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