Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera Review

Fruit of the earth aloe vera - 3 sizes

Wanting something that’s more than the 90% that some products give you? If so, you may want to check out Fruit of the Earth’s Aloe Vera, which is 100% gel. Features of this reliably soothing Aloe Vera gel include the following:

Fruit of the earth aloe vera - 3 sizes


  • Fragrance-free without any artificial coloring
  • Moisturizing product for dry skin that becomes irritated easily
  • Great for use on sensitive skin
  • Forms a protective “barrier” or film on skin to help encourage healing
  • Has moisture retaining properties

The Breakdown

There's nothing worse than a product that has an overwhelming scent, but works well – it won't allow you to use the product comfortably! If you're someone that puts aloe Vera on your face because it's dry or sunburnt, the scent is everything. Thankfully, this product is not only fragrance-free, but is also free of any type of artificial dye, which can cause adverse reactions.

There has been some speculation with Fruit of the Earth products in their reviews, stating that some don’t believe that there’s real Aloe Vera gel within – if you’re concerned, I highly encourage you to read the ingredient list and make your own decision.

The moisture retaining properties ensure that damaged skin can heal with ease, without compromising the moisture retention within the skin. The protective barrier this product provides allows the healing, while other properties ensure the skin is getting the hydration it requires to survive healthily. Irritated skin will have to say their goodbyes to your body, as this is a fantastic product to help those types of areas heal with ease. The aforementioned is why Aloe Vera and the related products are fantastic for those that have sunburns – a drying and damaging sun sickness.

First Impressions

If you want something completely all natural and 100% Aloe Vera, you may not want to look towards this product. While it's a great product for me, this is 100% gel, not 100% Aloe Vera, and there are some questionable ingredients in it such as the ingredients similar to formaldehyde. Sunburns are my best friend (it’s a one-sided relationship), and I’m always the victim of those skin-blasting UV rays, even when wearing sunblock of some sort. Thanks to aloe Vera type products, I am able to survive a bit better during the harsh summer sun, and soothe my skin with a cooling glob of Aloe Vera gently rubbed in.

Initially, a two-pack seemed like a little much for a product I hadn’t ever tried before, especially since I have sensitive skin and always seem to have a reaction. Thankfully, I found myself with no reaction from this product when testing it out on the inner part of my elbow, and I was able to begin using it on my dry winter skin with no problem. While it’s not directly a moisturizing cream, it’s a great way to help your skin retain a bit more moisture, along with using a normal moisturizer. I will mention that this product may work great on its own as a moisturizer, but if you’re wondering why your skin isn’t baby skin smooth, it’s probably because it’s intended for skin that needs a bit of healing.

The fact that this product is fragrance-free is my favorite aspect. I am someone who can’t stand an overwhelming smell on the face, as it tends to bother me ALL day (seeing as how it’s around my nose region). I can now use a product that won’t bother me all day, and reacts well to my skin. OH, and did I mention that I’m also allergic to some dyes? Finding cosmetic or skin care products that don’t use artificial dyes is extremely hard, but I’m so glad I stumbled across this product.


  • It’s a fragrance-free product
  • There are no artificial dyes to trigger reactions
  • Encourages healing and moisture retention within the skin
  • Comes in a two-pack for a cheap price


  • Doesn’t have any smell – which is a personal preference to have
  • May not moisturize everyone perfectly – again, depends on the person using
  • Some people assume that 100% gel means 100% Aloe Vera – when it does not
  • Doesn’t prevent peeling post-sunburn like some may think – the burn still has to go away and heal, so moisturizing isn’t going to reduce peeling

Are There Any Side Effects?

While everyone's body is different, there are things that Fruit of the Earth has gone through to ensure little to no reaction when using this product. On top of being fragrance-free, you won't have to worry about any artificial coloring either. Dyes are one of the leading culprits in allergies as such, and you can use a natural based product, without anything artificial in the ingredient list. With that being said, you should always test out a new product on the inner portion of your elbow to ensure that you’re not allergic. If you are, you shouldn’t’ put it near your face. Those with ultra-sensitive skin should especially complete the aforementioned step so you don’t suffer from any life-threatening allergies.

If you do suffer from a side effect of this product, it may be in the form of skin irritation, eye burning (if you’ve gotten it near that area). Having other skin issues? Make sure you talk to your dermatologist or your primary care physician to get the "ok" for using this specific product.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to conduct research on various ingredients within products as such, but based off experience and other reviews, I'd ultimately recommend this product from Fruit of the Earth. This works great for those that need to retain a bit more moisture in those dry areas, and works well for those that get quite sunburned. It’s inexpensive, and this product comes in a two-pack for ultimate summer convenience. Who knows, if you have dry skin in the winter, this could also be a fabulous product for you to use, as well!

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