In-Depth Review: GNC Natural Brand Aloe Vera Juice

Have you tried Aloe Vera juice yet? This popular health craze is sweeping the country as more and more people are learning about its health and beauty benefits.

Aloe Vera juice is an alkalizing agent which offers plenty of benefits including relief from constipation, improved liver function, clearer skin and much more. But the effectiveness of the juice depends on how it’s made and the quality of its ingredients.

GNC is one of the largest retailers for health and nutrition related products, and they offer an Aloe Vera juice under their Natural Brand line. Does this juice use natural ingredients for maximum effectiveness? Perhaps more importantly, how does it taste? My complete review of GNC Natural Brand Aloe Vera Juice starts right now:

About the GNC Natural Brand Aloe Vera Juice

What Makes GNC Brand Aloe Vera Juice Unique?

  • Made from Certified organic aloe vera leaves
  • check
    Product contains 99.7% whole leaf aloe vera juice
  • check
    Fresh juice not from concentrate
  • check
    Grown fresh in the Rio Grande Valley
  • check
    Certified Pure by the International Aloe Vera Science Council
  • check
    Certified Organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture
  • check
    Pleasant taste with no bitter flavor

What are the Main Benefits of GNC Natural Brand Aloe Vera Juice?

You might think of GNC as a store mainly for exercise supplements and protein shakes, but they actually have a comprehensive, high-quality line of all-natural remedies including Aloe Vera Juice.

GNC Natural Brand Aloe Vera Juice is a surprisingly high-quality, well-sourced Aloe Vera juice which rivals most of the more well-known Aloe Vera juice brands.

Keeping the juice as natural as possible seems to be the main theme here. I was surprised, as I never really considered GNC to be particularly interested in holistic health.

But they seem to go all-out with their Natural Brand line. Each Aloe Vera plant is certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Plus, they maintain strict quality controls over the plant from the very first sprout through bottling and beyond. All plants are grown outdoors in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

This is a whole-leaf juice. Each leaf has an average of 3000 Mg/liter MeOH. No water is added during processing. Juice is not a concentrate. Every step of the process is designed to produce juice which is as fresh and potent as possible.

The juice contains 99.7% Aloe Vera Juice with a miniscule amount of Citric Acid as a pH stabilizer. Also contains less than 0.1% of Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate used as a necessary preservative. This is as fresh as Aloe Vera Juice gets unless you’re drinking it directly at the source of production.

Do you hate the taste of Aloe Vera juice? So do I. Fortunately, GNC Natural Brand Aloe Vera juice seems designed for people like us.

They remove both the Aloin and Emodin from the plant during processing. These two compounds are what gives Aloe Vera juice it’s flavor. Removing them leaves the juice tasting like sparkling water.

What Others are Saying

This juice is often used to support proper digestive function. Drinking two to four ounces can provide near-instant relief for indigestion, heartburn and other temporary issues. For chronic stomach issues, you’ll want to drink four to eight ounces a day. After about two weeks, many people said they noticed a significant decrease in stomach problems.

You can find many people online saying they drink much more than eight ounces a day. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a great idea. Drinking more than eight ounces of Aloe Vera juice each day can lead to major discomforts like diarrhea and vomiting.

GNC customers in general praise the company’s return policy. You can use the product for 30 days with no risk. Simply return the unused portion for a full refund. Plus, unlike many other manufacturers, GNC has retail stores across the country. You can always visit a store if you want to return an item without worrying about shipping or if you want to ask a question in person.

Aloe Vera has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why it’s so effective as a topical treatment for many different skin problems. But drinking Aloe Vera juice also has anti-inflammatory benefits. Drinking the juice helps calm symptoms for most major conditions related to inflammation such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, ulcers and more.

As you might expect, many GNC patrons are very committed to exercise. Unfortunately, torn and sprained muscles are a common exercise-related injury. Fortunately, regular use of Aloe Vera juice can help reduce inflamed muscles and promote quicker recovery times.

People generally seemed satisfied with the taste. This unflavored juice can be easily mixed into basically any type of smoothie or fruit/vegetable drink. However, once opened you should keep the juice refrigerated. Cold temperatures help the juice retain all the valuable nutrients.

Pros and Cons


  • Certified Organic Whole-Leaf Juice
  • No Bitter Taste
  • GNC Controls Every Aspect of Production
  • Certified by National Aloe Vera Science Council
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Recommended Dose of Eight Ounces a Day Might Be Too Much for Some People

Final Thoughts

At first, I figured GNC wouldn’t have high-quality Aloe Vera Juice. My impression of the store was that it catered more towards workout supplements and protein drinks. But it turns out GNC’s Natural Brand line is actually just as good as, if not better than, most other Aloe Vera juice drinks on the market.

GNC’s commitment to pure, additive-free Aloe Vera juice really impressed me. The juice is certified pure and organic by both the state of Texas and the National Aloe Vera Science Council. Plus, this is a whole-leaf juice not made from concentrate, which means it’s fresh and packed with nutrients.

Finally, the taste is also worth mentioning. By removing the bitter elements, this juice is easy and pleasant to drink. Also works great when mixed with basically any cold fruit or vegetable-based beverage.

Whether you’re looking for long-term treatment for a chronic gastric condition or just quicker recovery following a workout, GNC’s Natural Brand Aloe Vera Drink is a great choice.

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