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Lily of the Desert has a rather unique form of Aloe Vera, as they consider it a dietary supplement. While much less expensive than most on the market, we’re looking to find out why – and what’s the difference between this “dietary supplement” and a topical gel.

The primary difference I found between this dietary supplement from Lile of the Desert and a normal aloe Vera product is that you can drink this in juice form. There is a thicker consistency within this product, and the manufacturer claims that it has a more soothing effect. The product states that within the composition, there are 200 biologically active “components”, and there are two forms – a juice and a gel. The consistency depends on what you like personally, but both have beneficial polysaccharides, as well as vitamins, essential amino acids, enzymes, and minerals.

Furthermore, research on this product states that you can stir this product vigorously to take it from a gel to a more liquid substance if you would like to consume it; however, you don’t have to consume this upon even further research and can use it as normal.

lily of the desert featured image

Have a sunburn that needs to be soothed? Are you someone with eczema? Fear no more, as there is a resolution to your problems. While it can’t cure the disease, this product is able to help remedy those skin issues. Relieve burning, itching, scratching, and hydrate your skin with one product, instead of 5 that are prescribed by your doctor! Going the natural route may be more in the cards, but just because you’re going natural, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consult your primary care physician.

Depending on what it is you’re mixing it with, you can also create a better concoction for those not consuming, and include this within your skin care regimen. Sometimes, this product can give an extra umph, but it may not work directly for everyone – requiring another ingredient or product to go hand in hand with it. Because it features real aloe vera, and not an unhealthy substitute, you're able to use this like the Aloe Vera plant and apply it to those problematic areas.

First Impressions Of The Product

I will admit that I was a bit weirded out initially when it came to consuming Aloe Vera. Thankfully, though, you're able to use this product as a topical gel, too, if you don't feel comfortable with consuming – even if it is ok. I'm not totally sure of how Aloe Vera works when consumed versus used topically, and if one is better than the other, but I just feel that putting directly on the problematic area is better than just consuming it. Sure, my insides will be nice and moistened, but it’s my skin that I’m trying to pinpoint.

Apparently, according to other reviews, the taste is "normal" – so if you're someone that does consume Aloe Vera products, this shouldn't be of too much trouble for you. Some people use it to help them reduce heartburn and acid reflux, apparently. I genuinely had no idea that this type of product could be used for something as such, but now I know and it's something that (hopefully) I can get over and use myself fin that way.

Unfortunately, I have dandruff on my scalp, but upon reading further, I was able to use this to apply directly to my hair and onto my scalp. After this was done, I saw an increase in hydration and less dandruff coming off. Because of this, I suffered less from crazy itching spells, and I no longer have to look like a crazy person.

Pros and Cons

  • Can heal stretch marks over time once the product is rubbed in
  • Heals skin well with vitamins and enzymes within
  • Can be used for heat rash, sunburns – soothing propertiesConsuming can help heartburn and acid reflux
  • No perfume smell, just a normal smell that isn’t overwhelming
  • Can be used on hair, as well
  • Contains actual aloe vera – no random and crazy substitute that’s unsafe
  • You must store in refrigerated once opened, since it's another (consumable) form of Aloe Vera
  • Has a slightly weird smell – but that’s up to personal preference, and it’s not a strong smell
  • Success of use depends on your body and how your body reacts to product

Are There Any Side Effects?

As with any product, especially a consumable, you want to consult the ingredient list to note if you’re allergic. Before downing the entire thing, we would recommend noting your current allergies and if any of the ingredients are closely related. If you’re uncomfortable with consuming the product, you’re still able to use it as a topical product.

Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel- Ingredients

To test if you’re allergic topically, simply use the fleshy area of your inner elbow to test this with a patch of this product. Let it sit for a bit and if you feel no reaction, and have none after 24 hours, feel free to place wherever you need. Before consuming, make sure to shake vigorously to help make it a bit thinner. Furthermore, make sure to refrigerate after opening.

Another side effect you may have with consuming this type of product is that it may not agree with your stomach. Nausea, cramping, and stomach aches are just some of the things you may suffer from upon consuming. While they won’t last forever, it’s something to prepare for if you’ve never taken this type of “dietary supplement” before.

What's The Final Verdict?

While I'm not 100% sure about the consumable part yet, I can say that I recommend this aloe vera gel from Lily of the Desert for topical usage. I've read that it works well for heartburn and the related instances, so if you suffer from this, do a bit more research on the consumable portion and how the ingredients are able to soothe your acid reflux.

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