How to Make a Simple Exfoliating DIY Aloe Scrub

How to make a simple exfoliating DIY aloe vera scrub - guide
How to make a simple exfoliating DIY aloe vera scrub - guide

Forget about overpriced beauty products! For flawless skin, it’s all about keeping it simple and natural. That’s why it is time to ditch the damaging chemicals and starting using an aloe vera gel scrub as part of your regular skincare regime.

One of the world’s most powerful natural beauty fixes, aloe vera gel has been a staple in the beauty industry for centuries. From Cleopatra to today’s top models, behind every beautiful face is some powerful green goo!

So, ladies, are you ready to get gorgeous? Here is everything that you need to know about our fave plant and how to make an aloe vera gel scrub.

Why Is Exfoliation Important?

Why do you need an aloe vera gel scrub? Because it will change everything! Exfoliation is a simple step that way too many of us skip but it can make a major difference in the way that your skin looks. Of course, you probably already know that exfoliation makes your skin instantly smoother. It does this by removing dead skin cells and bringing fresh ones to the surface. This is really important because after the age of 30 the natural exfoliation process slows down and leaves you more prone to pigmentation and dull skin. Getting rid of this dead skin, actually slows down the process of aging while reducing the appearance of fine lines and creating an allover glow. At at age, fresh skin is a very good thing.

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Exfoliation is also important for keeping your face clean. It works to unclog your pores and prevent breakouts, which another top priority for many of us. On top of acne, it will also get you closer to all of your skincare goals. When you remove the top layer of skin you will make every one of your beauty products work better by allowing them to be better absorbed.

Learn the Rules of Exfoliating

Cleaning your face isn’t as simple as you might think! In fact, there are some hard and fast rules about exfoliating. Fortunately, they are pretty easy to figure out and will just become old hat once you have been doing it for a while.

The most important rule of exfoliating is this: just do it! It is so easy to forget about when you are not doing it every day but it is an important part of a healthy skincare routine. Just do it once or twice a week and you are set. Listen to your skin to decide if once or twice is best. Generally speaking, once is good for dry skin while oily skin can benefit from twice a week exfoliation. And, no, ladies, more isn’t more! Exfoliating too much can actually cause your skin to get irritated and overproduce oil.

It is also essential to be gentle. Just slowly and carefully rub your aloe vera gel scrub in a circular motion. Keep going for a couple of minutes then rinse away and- voilà-you’ve got gorgeous skin!

5 Reasons To Love DIY Aloe Vera Gel Scrubs

There is a reason why aloe vera has such a cult following. Every woman out there from grandmothers to fashion bloggers are crazy for the green stuff. Here’s why.

Reason #1: It’s All Natural

Aloe vera gel is an all natural and potent skincare solution. To be able to use something that works so well without any side effects is so important in a world full of beauty products that contain downright toxic ingredients.

Reason #2: It’s Anti-Bacterial

It’s not easy being a germophobe! While there are a million anti-bacterial products out, some of them are downright scary. So, skip the unsafe and unnatural anti-bacterial products in favor of a natural pick, our good friend aloe vera gel. It means that you can wash away all of your makeup and daily pollutants for ultra clean skin—without having to worry about bad reactions and side effects!

Reason #3: It’s Got Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is one of the most powerful skincare products out there. It is amazing for psoriasis, dandruff, acne, and so many other conditions. It is the potent ingredient in many specialized, expensive skincare products, and it is also naturally occurring in aloe vera gel.

Reason #4: It’s Got Powerful Enzymes and Antioxidants

Not only can you make a powerful aloe vera gel scrub that will exfoliate your skin, aloe vera gel alone has powerful enzymes that will give your DIY skincare blend added potency without irritating your skin. Its incredible vitamins and minerals work as anti-inflammatories to calm down irritated skin while creating a natural exfoliating effect.

Reason #5: It’s Ultra Moisturizing

Aloe vera gel has been proven to be a powerful moisturizer. It softens your skin without clogging your pores and leaves your face with a flawless finish (say goodbye to the greasy feeling of way too many store bought creams!).

  • Pro tip - Aloe vera gel is also great as an aftershave for anywhere on your body. Not only is it hydrating, it will help to prevent and heal razor burn as well as little nicks on your skin.
An Aloe Vera Deep Facial Wash

Make a DIY Aloe Vera Gel Scrub

Feeling motivated to get started? Now that we have talked about why aloe vera gel is so amazing for your skin and such an essential part of your regular skincare routine, let’s dive into the details on how to make your own DIY aloe vera gel scrub.



  • 1 tbsp. of 100% pure aloe vera gel
  • 1 tbsp. of sugar
  • 1/3 tsp of fresh lemon juice

Just combine it all together and you are ready to go! You make more or less depending on your needs, just be sure to keep the same basic ratios. If you want to make more to store for later, use an airtight jar to store it in and stash it in the fridge.

Aloe Vera Gel Scrubs for Sensitive or Oily Skin Types

While we love the easy and super affordable aloe vera gel, sugar, and lemon juice blend, this is something that you can experiment with to find the right option for your skin.

For sensitive skin: Try replacing the sugar and lemon with baking soda for a less abrasive option. Just do a blend of two parts aloe vera gel and one part baking soda.

For oily skin: use the antiseptic power of honey. Just blend two parts honey, one part baking soda, and one part sea salt. It will prevent breakouts while banishing oil buildup!

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