Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel Review

Nature Republic

Noted as a top choice on Amazon, this Aloe Vera gel from Nature Republic is a best-seller. Featuring 92% Aloe Vera in the combination of this soothing gel, your skin will be able to reap the benefits that this product offers. A fan of Korean skincare? This is a highly popular South Korean skincare product. Features of this gel include the following:

  • Approved by the California Certified Organic Farmers
  • Contains more than 90% real aloe
  • Moisturizes skin, hydrates face stimulated by the sun
  • Over 1.5 million sold
Nature Republic

Breakdown of the Features

With over 1.5 million units sold, there's no question that this is a popular choice. If you love Korean skin care regimens that you see on YouTube, this is a nice addition to your collection. Featuring over 90% real Aloe Vera, along with an approval stamp from the California Certified Organic Famers, you'll be able to have some sort of reassurance that you're receiving a great product!

Always be sure to check if you'll have a reaction by putting some of the product on your inner elbow to see if your skin reacts. Once you find this out, you'll be able to moisturize your skin, soothe your sun burnt areas, as well as hydration that improves the long-term appearance and feel of your skin. If you have trouble with psoriasis or a similar skin disorder, you'll want to speak with your primary care physician if Aloe Vera is a good route for you to take.

Have you ever wanted that beautiful glow that stops others in their track and makes them wonder, what’s your secret? You’ve probably been there a time or two, admiring someone’s skin and being envious of their genetics. When you incorporate Korean skin care products like this gel, along with healthy habits, you can improve your skin.

First Impressions With The Product

My skin is super sensitive – and I’m not only talking about out in the sun. Sure, I burn, but when it comes to using foreign face or skin products, my skin typically never reacts well – until I got my hands on this product! I always test it out on the inner part of my elbow to make sure my face won’t have a reaction, and once I did that with this Natural Republic product, I found that I was able to use it on my face without worry.

Of course, I substituted my sub-par moisturizer with this product, as it personally provided me with better results. My skin can get rather dry in the T-zone area of my face, and even without sunburn, I found this to be a great product. I usually don’t mind scents when it comes to products, so there were no issues there, but if you’re someone who really doesn’t like scents to your creams or facial creams, you’ll definitely want to look elsewhere for a moisturizing aloe product.

Amara Organics Aloe Vera Gel

With that being said, many people also don't like stickiness or a certain level of such. I don't mind, as it makes my skin feel great afterward. I'm pretty resilient and have been able to benefit from this. As someone who rosacea and psoriasis, a great moisturizer that agrees with my skin and conditions is extremely imperative. For the price, I wasn’t too worried about wasting money on not-so-great results, but I’m glad I was pleasantly surprised.

Personally, I don't think you should put this on before makeup, as it is quite sticky! However, if you're out of your favorite primer, maybe it's not such a bad idea at all! Joking aside, this product has somewhat of a scent, so if you’re looking for something that’s scent-free, you may have to look elsewhere.


  • Great soothing gel for massaging faces
  • Hydrates the face and soothes irritation after sunburn
  • The organization of California Certified Organic Farmers approved this, as it contains mostly natural ingredients


  • Somewhat sticky of a product – personal preference whether you like that or not
  • It contains a fragrance – so for those that don’t want to smell their face, or who may be allergic to certain scents, this may not be for you
  • Smell is strong
  • Better for normal skin, but it depends on the user
  • Not too sure about using it as a leave-in conditioner like some products allow

Are There Any Side Effects

The side effects depend greatly on the body of the user. Some people may have allergic reactions to aloe Vera, whereas many people don't Furthermore, you may also have skin reactions, or cramping if used enough.

I always think you should look follow the advice of your primary care physician before taking the all-natural route with soothing and healing your skin.

Final Verdict

Overall, the success of the product depends on the user’s experience and their body. While this Nature Republic product may work for some, it might not work for others, and I think that comes with the territory of skin care products.

Furthermore, I believe that this is a great product and that it's cheap enough to try out without throwing away much money at all. It's over 90% natural Aloe Vera, is approved by the California Certified Organic Farmers, and is good for those that stick with all-natural products.

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