Seven Minerals Aloe Vera Review

Seven Minerals Aloe Vera GEL

Seven Minerals has released a near 5-star product that’s 99% organic, with rapid absorption, and NO xantham. They even made a bold promise to give your money back if you yield no results! If you're looking for an extremely high-quality aloe Vera gel product, this may be where your search ends.

Featuring some of the most organic Aloe Vera on the Amazon marketplace, you'll be able to utilize cold-pressed USA grown ingredients that are "Certified Organic" with an OTCO certificate. If you're interested in learning more about the certification of how organic this product is, the manufacturer urges you message them.

Seven Minerals Aloe Vera GEL

Because of how organic the products are, you can receive the fastest results possible. Since it is so pure and organic, you'll want to make sure you test on other areas of your body, such as the fleshy portion of your inner elbow, before attempting to put on your face.

I'm sure you're familiar with the sticky residue or residual film that stays on your skin after using Aloe Vera gel, and we're happy to report that you won't receive any of that when using this organic gel from Seven Minerals. Since the thickener used for this gel is 100% organic, and is actually a seaweed extract, you don’t have to worry about Xanthan being a major culprit and role in this residual film.

Seven Minerals - Includes free ebook recipes

My order included a free e-book with aloe vera tips

Since Xanthan isn’t a part of the ingredient list, this product works much faster than normal and absorbs incredibly well. Even those with the driest of skin can see some sort of results quickly. Want your sunburn to be soothed quickly? Just lightly rub some of this on the spot that hurts or is dried the most and feel the coldness spread through your back. There’s nothing worse than feeling dry and a burning sensation without anything you can do.

This product claims that it can combat cellulite, and help stretch marks, on top of being able to heal cuts, scrapes, and of course, the sunburn. I'm not so sure about the cellulite just yet, but we’re sure it helps hydrates the area. While we’re not scientists or health experts and know anything about hydration and skin elasticity, I can say that it doesn’t hurt to try.

First Impressions

I wasn’t too skeptical of this product before purchasing, as it seemed to have great reviews and utilize all-natural products. As someone who has bad allergies to most things, I was curious to know how this seaweed extract would play out on my ultra-sensitive skin. Thankfully, I had no ideas with this extract and found that my skin felt much better than when using another Aloe Vera gel that I purchased from Amazon.

While this product claims to help combat cellulite, I haven’t exactly had the chance to use and monitor those areas of my body. I am someone who could use a little tightening up, though! My pale skin is very susceptible to sunburns and sun damage, so this was one of the primary reasons why I purchased – especially since I live on the west coast, use SPF 50, and still see some dryness after coming back from the beach! While not totally ideal, I don’t have to worry too much anymore thanks to this Seven Minerals gel I finally invested in after someone pushed the link my way.

Even when I don’t have a sunburn, I still use this product on my face to help me with my drier areas. Those who are older and have aging spots will see that this can help hydrate and make their face look younger. From my research, one of the reasons why the skin of the elderly looks that way is because of the lack of hydration and melanin. While we can’t exactly inject melanin, we can help hydrate our faces and taking preventative measures.

Let’s not forget to talk about my dry scalp that often wreaks havoc upon my body – and clothes. I see tons of dandruff daily, and I was able to reduce this by utilizing this aloe Vera gel within my hair care regimen. My scalp is finally moisturized and hasn't flaked off for quite some time. I don’t have to put this on my face too often, as it leaves a supple glow and healthy hydration for a couple of days before I like to use it again.​

Seven Minerals Aloe Vera GEL - Bottle tall

Pros and Cons

  • Claims to help cellulite
  • Doesn’t use the thickener XANTHAN
  • Uses a seaweed extract to thicken
  • Better and faster absorption, quicker results.
  • Can calm shaving burn, reduce dandruff
  • May not work for everyone
  • May not actually combat cellulite as it talked about, but everyone is different.

Are There Any Side Effects?

If you're consuming this product, which we don't recommend unless you've spoken to your primary care physician, or if the product packaging says so, you may experience nausea, diarrhea, cramping, or headaches. Using it solely as a topical ointment? If you don't have any reactions, you may not see any difference at all with this product.

Everyone's body reacts differently to products, even if it is 100% organic. If you're allergic to seaweed or have had issues with scratchy skin and seaweed, you may not want to use this product, as they've replaced Xanthan with a seaweed extract. Be sure to look towards the entire list of ingredients to further confirm if you may have a reaction or not – and if you can consume this product.

Final Verdict

We can’t say anything too bad about this, and the only real downside is that it may not work for some. It’s a shame, too, because it creates such a supple glow that’s highly desirable in the makeup world – or in skincare in general. Those who suffer from dry skin or dandruff will benefit immensely from this, and even those sunburn victims will see solid results. For such an inexpensive price from a reputable company, this is worth a try.

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